Our Story

At the heart of Ographika is a child’s love of art.

A family owned and operated small business, Ographika is helmed by Michelle and Kraig, with original artwork created by their daughter, Ophelia. With a passion for the arts, typography, and music, Michelle and Kraig noticed a unique quality in Ophelia’s artwork at a young age. Inspired by the style of her artwork and wanting to encourage her to do more, Michelle and Kraig printed some of her designs on T-shirts for their family. What they didn’t expect was the huge outpouring of support and demand for the shirts. Today, Ophelia’s vision of the world has transcended childhood musings and evolved into something much more.

Our Philosophy

Inspired by the drawings of little O, we’re making clothes a conversation piece. Each garment exists at the intersection of imagination and functionality, reconnecting the wearer with their creative spirit. While our approach is playful, our standards are high when it comes to aesthetics and quality. Our custom apparel and stationery are made for the entire family from comfortable, long-lasting and eco-friendly materials. We’re thrilled to share our vision with you as you color outside the lines in your own life.

Our Designs

Ophelia’s original drawings have been thoughtfully expanded and multiplied to create oscillating tessellations, repeating structures, and intricate abstractions. Following in the footsteps of contemporary streetwear, our designs are evocative of graffiti and contemporary art, elevating everyday clothing pieces to an artistic expression. We hope our designs open a door to your imagination, opening up new possibilities and inspiring adventures.